Code of conduct ‘In safe hands’

ZGT aspires to create a good environment for our employees, patients and visitors. A professional attitude and correct behaviour of our employees are important for a good environment. To guarantee that everyone clearly understands what is meant by this, ZGT has drawn up a code of behaviour called ‘In safe hands’ (in Dutch).

Founding values of the code of conduct

The ZGT code of conduct has six founding values: respect, politeness, attention and understanding, reliability, expertise and empathy. ZGT requires all its employees to operate according to this code. This document stipulates how we behave to each other and our clients and is an additional tool for continued reflection and discussion.

House regulations

In addition to the code of conduct there are house regulations, which everyone should act upon.

In our hospital

  • Both patients and visitors are welcome.
  • Safety first: please follow the instructions as provided by ZGT personnel.
  • ZGT cannot provide third parties with information about patients. Please ask a contact person.

We would kindly request you

  • Please visit patients with a maximum of two persons.
  • Please limit your mobile phone usage.
  • Please do not smoke in or around the hospital.
  • Please do not take pictures or record audio or videos without prior permission.
  • Please keep the hospital clean.

 Of course, you can always 

  • Ask us in case something is unclear.
  • Tell us about any undesirabilities you have experienced in the hospital.
  • Get yourself a cup of coffee or tea in the 'family room'.


  • We show respect for each other and each other's belongings.
  • We respect the privacy of patients and personnel.
  • We do not tolerate aggressive behaviour.
  • We will report any crime to the police.