Vision on healthcare


In our vision of healthcare, the needs of the individual patient are crucial. ZGT endeavours to provide customised care. The healthcare provider is largely responsible for this. But so are you as a patient. If at all possible, you can make a choice from suitable treatment options. We call this co-makership. Naturally, we will support you in making this choice by providing good information, as well as guidance and respect.


To successfully achieve our vision of healthcare, we need the loyalty, input and enthusiasm of our employees. This is why ZGT provides an inspiring working environment in which employees can take responsibility. Our personnel policy allows a lot of space for the development of skills and creativity. We continue to invest in the quality and safety of healthcare. And also in employee training and research. ZGT aims for constant innovation and improvement. This is how we will continue to be able to provide you with the best healthcare in the future.

Long-term vision ZGT in 2020

"ZGT wants to offer its patients the most professional and hospitable care possible, not just today but also in the future."
If you would like to know more about ZGT and its future you can download the long-term vision ZGT in 2020 (in English). You can also watch our company movie (in Dutch).