ZGT Overseas

What does ZGT Overseas do?

ZGT Overseas helps improve healthcare in other countries.
For instance, ZGT personnel go to Africa or to Eastern Europe to spend a period of time assisting in a hospital there. Doctors, nurses, operation theatre assistants, technicians and ICT experts set out to support the people there. Also, ZGT sometimes sends financial aid or medical goods, such as beds and wheelchairs. But also diagnostic equipment and instruments, such as scissors and tweezers. In this way, small scale aid makes a large difference.

Tropical Training

ZGT Overseas is also involved in tropical training in the Netherlands. This training consists of a two-year clinical internship in the fields of surgery and obstetrics/gynaecology or paediatrics, plus the Netherlands Tropical Course. Several tropical doctors have worked in the third world after completing the training.

ZGT Overseas Projects

Since its establishment on 14 May 2011, and the opening ceremony on 11 December, ZGT Overseas has carried out various projects:

Overview of a number of project

Hospital beds were sent to the University Hospital in Hawassa (Ethiopia), to the Assiut University in Egypt, and to Turkey and the Ukraine. A team of personnel travelled to the Al Ahrar Hospital in Zagazig (Egypt).
Here you can see the photos of ZGT Overseas Projects or read the travel reports.

Donating to ZGT Overseas

ZGT Overseas supports as many aid projects and care workers as possible. These also badly need your help. You can support ZGT Overseas by donating as little as one euro per month. A one-time donation, for a particular project for instance, is also welcome. You can remit your donation for the attention of the ZGT Overseas Foundation, mentioning the name of the project, to Rabobank, account number in Hengelo. Thank you very much for your contribution!

Board of ZGT Overseas Foundation

The ZGT Overseas Foundation was established by medical and non-medical staff of ZGT. ZGT Overseas originated from the Third World Committee of ZGT Almelo and the Committee for External Relations of ZGT. The foundation operates exclusively with volunteers; it has no paid employees. All income is derived from donations. The board consists of the following people:

  • S.A.M. Saïd (dual chairman)
  • B. ten Hove-Hooijer (secretary)
  • A.N. Kreuwel (treasurer)
  • A.H.H. Alhafidh (member)
  • H.A. Schuppers (member)
  • G.J. Molijn (member)

Partners of ZGT Overseas Board

ZGT Overseas does not operate alone. It gets support, sometimes in the form of financial contributions, materials or information. At present, ZGT Overseas is cooperating with:

Questions or comments?

For questions, comments or ideas about or for ZGT you can contact:

Salah Saïd

  • E-mail s.said@zgt.nl
  • Phone Polikliniek Cardiologie ZGT Hengelo, The Netherlands. +31 (0)74 290 20 48
  • Address PO Box 546, 7550 AM Hengelo, The Netherlands

Bertha ten Hove

  • Email: b.thove@zgt.nl
  • Phone: Polikliniek heelkunde ZGT Almelo, The Netherlands +31 (0)88 708 49 20
  • Address: PO Box 546, 7550 AM Hengelo, The Netherlands

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