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Clinical research

Principal investigators:
Dr. Lisanne Krens, Dr. Kim van der Elst, Drs. Michiel Damhof en Drs. Elske Engel-Dettmers.

Main focus:

  1. Optimizing pharmacotherapy in patients after bariatric surgery.
  2. Improving antibiotic treatment in patients using antibiotic stewardship and other interventions.
  3. Development of innovative drug surveillance and patient-empowerment tools in drug use.

2017 European Association of Hospital Pharmacists


Poster Engel Dettmers

    Presenter: Elske Engel-Dettmers 

Poster Michiel Damhof

    Presenter: Michiel Damhof 


2016 European Society of Clinical Oncology Congress


    Presenter: Lisanne Krens